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Chiwila Women's Group

Cassava empowers women and enriches our communities

Why Cassava?

The story of cassava in Malawi is a beautiful one. It has been a valuable source of nutrition in communities across Malawi for decades. Cassava plays an important role in empowering women farmers within their communities across the region. From its high nutritional value to food security, we have fallen in love with cassava and the value it brings to us all. We are so thrilled to share this story of empowerment and enrichment with you!

Who We Are

Our Vision

To be a leader in the value chain for cassava and other tubers in Malawi.

Our Mission

Chiwila Women’s Group collaborates with and empowers rural women farmers to provide sustainable supplies of high-quality cassava and tuber products for clients in Malawi and for export.

What We Do

Chiwila Women’s Group is a community of like-minded businesswomen and cassava farmers. We have found value in collaborating to produce high-quality cassava products and services for our clients.

Our Products include:

  • High-Quality Cassava Flour

  • Kondowole

  • Dried Cassava Leaves

  • Various Confectioneries

  • Garri

  • Makaka

Our Promise

We offer our clients excellent quality cassava products and services consistently. We are constantly innovating to meet our client’s needs.

Chiwila Womens Group: Projects
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