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Chess In Slums Africa & AfB Charity Art Sale

Creating Impact through Art 

Together with Tunde Onakoya, the convener of Chess In Slums Africa (CISA), Art for Business has the privilege to work with two amazing artists - Ife Olowu, a visual and AR artist based in Nigeria and Rami Kangas, a multimedia artist based in Finland. Both these artists created timeless pieces about the incredible impact of CISA. In support of their work, Tunde Onakoya has personally signed both piece to help raise funds for CISA's mission in democratising access to education for all street and slum children across Africa.

Pawns to Kings


Artist: Ife Olowu, AR artist, Nigeria

Year: 2024

Size: 24 x 36 inches

Medium: Acrylic and oil on canvas.

Price: 10,000€

(painting comes to life when viewed with a phone)* 

  Chess in Slums/Hommage à Tunde


Artist: Rami Kangas, visual artist, Finland

Year: 2024

Size: 50 x50 cms 

Price: 8,000€

Medium: Acrylic and fabrics on canvas

The Art of Chess- The BackStory

In October 2023, the story of Chess In Slums Africa and Tunde Onakoya's incredible story of empowering and educating underprivileged children in Nigerian slums and streets not only inspired the team at Art for Business but resonated with our vision of creative storytelling and, importantly, storytelling with a human-centric lens. 

Following Chess In Slums Africa and their work throughout the continent, we embarked on a creative path to help amplify the selfless and amazing work Tunde and his fantastic team aim to accomplish; to empower, educate, and inspire the young population through chess education. 

At Art for Business, we are avid believers in " The power of Art", and with our concept and various consultations with CISA and Tunde, we came up with the concept of commissioned art pieces to not only convey the stories of these incredible children, but to share light on who they truly are, and the work CISA strives to achieve throughout Africa.

Ife Olowu, a renowned Nigerian Augmented Reality and visual artist, and Rami Kangas, a Finnish multimedia artist and PR and Communications expert, commissioned these art pieces. 
Both artist and AfB worked closely with Tunde Onakoya to create these art pieces. Each piece bears the personal signature of Tunde Onakoya, chess master and the driving force behind Chess In Slums in Africa (CISA).
Proceeds from selling these pieces support the work of CISA and the various artists. 

In May 2024, Tunde Onakoya joined Art for Business and the Deaconess Foundation as a special guest speaker at an event highlighting Nigeria's entrepreneurial spirit and cultural prowess. This was after he had broken the record for the longest chess marathon, with hopes of raising money to support chess education for countless children.

To delve deeper into the inspiring work of Chess In Slums, click below. Should you have any questions about the work Art for Business does and the art pieces, kindly email, Sarah Laaru, co-founder, Art for Business(AfB).

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