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Financial Report

Financial Advisory Services

At Laaru Consulting, we work with you to find the right funding partners and investment opportunities to mitigate financial risk and implement sustainable financial plans to accelerate your business expansion into Africa. 
Let our seasoned financial advisors guide you in unlocking Africa's business potential.

Market Entry Analysis

We support your company's market entry implementation by matching your products, services, and solutions, to competitive and fast-growing markets in Africa. We provide strategic business intelligence, innovative and creative tools to facilitate your market expansion into Africa.
Learn more about how this service can help you.

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Partner Identification

Our local partners' network and expertise support you in identifying and mapping out suitable and reliable local stakeholders for your company.  Our partner identification process prioritizes your company's resources, needs, and entry goals to help you find the right fit.
Learn more about our proven track record of partner identification service.

PR and Communications Solutions

Our new PR and  Marketing Communications tools - Art for Business is a novel solution designed to help both private and public stakeholders interested in emerging markets to think outside the box with creative solutions to tackling challenges when entering new markets. Through our carefully curated projects, Art for Business is a robust agency utilising innovative solutions to address daily challenges, tap into newer markets and communicate with existing clientele. All this through the medium of African Contemporary Arts.

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Contact us, and let's talk about your entry strategy.

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Services: Testimonials

Esa Rantanen, Commercial Counsellor
Business Finland, Eastern African Office

I have known Sarah for close to 10 years in African business-related issues. Sarah is a hardworking and outgoing person. She has an extensive network among private and public stakeholders in Finland, having multicultural background she can always bring new insights. Sarah is an excellent organizer and manager. She has organized several business seminars and networking events with high-level speakers, diplomatic missions, NGOs, and companies whiles managing her team, sponsorships, and media connections. We have planned together African events in Finland.
I can warmly recommend Sarah.

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